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'Bungee Hero follows the story of Adam, who is inspired to make a bungee jump for charity after reading old Mr Haddock's account of parachute missions during the war. He reaches a new understanding of the meaning of scarifice and heroism, but first he must conquer his own fear of heights.' HOME AND SCHOOL

'Adam is far more interested in hanging out with his mates than accompanying his mother to the nursing home where she works. But when he meets Mr Haddock there, his initial dislike soon turns to fascination as the old man shares secrets of his war days. This book is particularly good for children with dyslexia or reading difficulties.' JUNIOR EDUCATION

'Tightly written and with believable, human characters.' SHELF LIFE

'A well-told, thoughtful story looking at aspects of bravery.' LIERACY AND LEARNING

Bungee Hero

A book for confident readers of age 8+ or for older children who find reading difficult. The typeface is large and inviting, the lines widely spaced, the creamy paper reduces eye strain and the sentence structure is simple and broken up by direct speech, action and illustrations. All these strategies encourage even the most reluctant of readers.

Over To you...

Adam is scared of heights yet he makes himself overcome his worst fear. What scares you - heights, spiders, darkness, bullies, events in the news? Talk or write about how you could overcome your deepest fear. 

Write the dramatic bit at the very end that I left to your imagination.....the jump.

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