Clumsy Clumps and the Baby Moon

Clumsy Clumps and the Baby Moon

Age 4-7 years

‘A delightful fantasy about a little girl who enlists the help of the moon in her quest to be less of a clumsy clumps. Together they make quite a team, but the moon is missed by the rest of the world and, reluctantly, returns to the night sky.’


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Over to you...

Beth is as fed up as can be. She is a clumsy clumps and everyone is cross with her. One night she sees a shooting star and makes a wish that she wasn’t such a clumsy clumps anymore. What wish would you like to come true for you? Why do you wish that?

Baby Moon has been riding a shooting star and hears Beth’s wish. He comes down to Earth to help her. But the world misses the moon in the sky. See what you can find out about the power of the moon.


Make a moon chart. Draw the shape of the moon in the sky (whenever you can see it) and chart how it changes each night. The baby moon is when the moon is at its smallest and the old moon is when the moon is full. How long does it take for the moon to grow from its thinnest crescent into a full moon? Look up an encylopaedia and find out why the moon changes its shape.

Baby Moon must get back to his home in the sky, so Beth builds him a rocket. Can you build a model of a rocket using junk materials?

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