The Ice-cream Machine

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The Ice-cream Machine Totally Fizzbombed

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The Ice-cream Machine

6+ years (Mammoth £3.99)

A funny and original tale of a magical ice-cream van and some very exciting ice-cream !

"Deftly combining whimsy and realism."

Scotland on Sunday

The Story Behind the Story

I was the luckiest girl in the world when I was seven. I had three uncles who ran ice cream vans in their spare time - and I got to help out, which meant helping myself to all the sweets and ice cream I wanted. I devised gloriously disgusting ice cream concoctions: a tub full of ice cream smothered with every kind of topping, including fizzy sherbet, topped off with a Curly Wurly, chocolate raisins - and prawn cocktail crisps. I used to dream that the ice cream van would ‘come alive’ like the mischievous Herbie car in the Disney film. Sadly, it never did in real life - but it finally did years later, when I came to write The Ice Cream Machine.

Over to you...

There are some very strange ice creams in the book. Create a recipe for your own yummy and yucky ice cream recipes. Draw it and give it a name - make it and eat if you dare. But check with an adult that it’s safe to eat first!

Write a follow-up adventure or imagine a story of your own where an object (a car, bus, TV, computer, pen, skateboard....) ‘comes to life’. Illustrate your story or tape it and share it with your friends. Or work as a team with one person as the writer and another as the illustrator - then swap roles.

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